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staying alive for small biz 101: a gorilla in your future?

This, from an article forwarded by a colleague. The short of it: don’t wait til the month before you consider buying a “going out of business” banner for your front window!  For businesses,  their owners, their employees, and for all the families touched by this climate – the best thing we can do is try – try one thing, and another, and another. There are no magic bullets here – just advice from others who are going through these tough times.

Oh, as for the gorilla?  Hint: it’s an unlikely presence in a guitar store.


microlending for small businesses?

Micro-lending is something we’ve all heard about in stories about developing countries. The concept is a good one: you loan 50 or 75 dollars to a woman with a sewing machine in Quito, a similar amount to a farmer in the hills overlooking Karachi, or a leather worker in a Lagos slum — and the entrepreneurial drive of those people will help them pull their families out of poverty.

Somewhat similar in concept are micro-lenders in North America. Here, though, the clientele is  two or three-person companies with owners with high credit ratings but who *still* can’t get a bank loan.

BusinessWeek Online has an article about these microloans.

panic versus urgency

My own sense of complacency was shattered into a VERY big number of little pieces with a particular bit of news over the course of the last few days. 

I panic -d. Simple as that.  SO, I started sending panic-y emails to my closest friends, my confidants.

One old friend reminded my of an important distinction, the one between panic and urgency.

I think there are a lot of business owners who are veering precariously close to going into panic mode – and that is hurting them.

Urgency is a whole lot better.

And the article my old friend pointed me to?