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$10Billion here, $10Billion there … pretty soon you’re up to a small percentage of …

Each year Americans spend a LOT on Christmas. OK, the number is hard to pin down but if you’re generous with taking into account the whole ball of wax, from money spent on Secret Santa stuff, to the Politically Correct Happy Holidays banners that go up everywhere, from staff parties to Christmas getaways to points south and sunny – the number is really REALLY Big.

Like … $450 Billion Dollars.

To put a little perspective on this. Several non-aligned research and aid organizations remind us that the leading cause of death, worldwide, every year, is the lack of water. People can’t get it. OR, when they get it, it’s not potable. Best estimates of a massive global effort to eliminate this shortage of water would could in the neighborhood of $10Billion.

$450Billion.  $10Billion.

You’ve possibly heard of The Advent Conspiracy. These are sane people with a modest request: that we remind ourselves this is a time of year where we can be so, so much more than consumers. A time of year we can find time to slow down a bit, a very small bit, to spend time with loved ones. A time of year when we can forgo one or two presents. A time of year when we can make a difference.

An old friend, a professor at Harvard (a woman as unlikely as anyone you’ll ever meet sending links about searching for meaning) sent me this link.

Take the time, please, to look at it.


just how polluted IS that company’s area?

For good reasons, both company sellers and buyers appreciate knowing as much as possible about where ‘their’ (current or prospective) business is located.  Part of that knowledge includes information about chronic local pollution — what are the zipcode-specific issues that could affect worker retention or future marketability?

While it’s a site most often used by real-estate brokers (residential and commercial), is worth checking out.

It tells you about how your county is ranked in terms of pollution, about who the frequent polluters are, what they’re releasing (and how much) into the air, the ground, or the water.