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why does anyone need a middleman to sell or buy?

You’d think it would be easy — you want to buy a business, you do what seems smart, prudent, professional, you look around for an opportunity. But, did you know — 8 out of 10 potential buyers give up the quest?

And on the flip side – it seems like a no brainer to sell a business.  But, did you know — 7 out of 10 poential business sellers end up …. NOT selling?

Morals from these hard won lessons are easy to spin, and despite the fact that this sound incredibly self-serving, both statistics point to an underlying truth.  For transactions as important as these, getting skilled hands involved ‘makes things happen.’


welcome to Business Marketplace 360

Marketplaces are about people coming together, about people buying and selling goods and services.   This is a place dedicated to the marketplace of small- and medium- sized businesses.  Over the next months, as this blog fills out, topics will focus ’round how companies are sold, about useful tips on the selling process, about helpful information for potential buyers, and about news of this particular activity – business brokerage.  

What are business brokers?

… I thought you’d never ask ..