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Mindshare Mining: Reputation Management “for the rest of us”

From an introduction blurb:

A small company’s online presence — its mindshare among target markets — always matters. Always.

Value judgments about reputation and ability, mental pictures of products-at-work, and final buying decisions depend on how convincing your online presence is — relative to that of your competitors.

Your products, services and, indeed, your entire business may depend on impressions formed in a few seconds — followed by a few simple mouse clicks.

While crucial to your business success, measuring and assessing your competitive mindshare is not magic. It’s just hard work that requires business experience, technological savvy, a keen ability to insightfully connect the proverbial dots, and a commitment of that precious resource of time.

The short of it? Big companies know the critical importance of managing the ‘buzz’ about their brand, their products, their services and their people. More often than not, pricey management consultancies are brought in to help company’s with this effort.

Lot of time. Lot of expense.

Point is, for small companies, this reputation is every bit as critical. In some cases, even more. But – it’s a luxury. Neither the time nor the funds are possible. is planning on changing this.


when branding moves from critical to dysfunctional

Naomi Klein’s is an equal oppt’y critic whenever she sees form getting more attention than substance. Today’s Guardian article is a sobering commentary on how corporate, and yes  — governmental — branding is anything but an invisible hand shaping our culture