got equity?

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there was a brokerage/M&A firm that got a certain kind of phone call, almost every day… “Please, we have money, millions of shimoleans (the unit of money, of course) and we’re looking to invest in companies. Can’t you help us please…?”

Unless you’re fortunate enough to have spent the last twenty months living in a electricity-free and off-the-net yurt in a remote valley, you know this is a world that belies the grim reality of companies getting money these days.

Well, not exactly.

Here at BlueKey Brokerage Mergers & Acquisition – we DO get calls – lots of calls, from people asking us to find them companies to invest in. Private Equity Groups have money, and from what we see — a lot of it.  There’s a current article in The Canadian Business Journal talking about how PEGs are funneling investors’ money.

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