Beware the quick tech fix for a struggling business

Take a few minutes, 11 to be specific, to watch this recent presentation.


The story is a simple one. A better understanding of the ways in which people interact, the ways they work together, is the key to finding what SPECIFIC actions, or procedures, or initiatives you use to boost your business’s bottom line.

This is so obvious that you probably think I need a slap on the forehead for saying it ‘in print.’ BUT, sometimes we get carried away with our own cleverness and forget the basics, the real basics of what we knew when we started our small companies.

AND, it’s especially easy to forget these days, where we are awash with helpful hints and business gurus who pitch the latest theory for success or the sexiest new technology reported in The Economist.

SO? Before you shell out hard earned money on The Latest and Greatest, think back on this Shirky video.

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