not as much a SIC group as a center of gravity

I help entrepreneurs buy and sell companies who’s focus is on new- and social-media.

That’s the short version.  Here’s the fuller story.

Web 2.0 *anything* has been the darling of the popular press for a couple of years now and while it’s frustratingly difficult to pin down, think of all the ways companies are using things like company blogs or wikis, home companies are taking more time (and investing in more infrastructure) to be more responsive to customer needs, and how, increasingly, ‘lightweight’ on-line tools are supplementing what used to be in-house (or on-desk) software packages  (things like the use of Google for market research, like the use of YouTube videos or screencasts for marketing, like the use of Facebook or Twitter to get brands and products in front of more people).

I’m the business broker interested in the companies that are giving everyone the tools and processes to change ways of doing business: all the companies that make these new tools, all the companies that repackage these tools and procedures into services for others to use, for the hardware and software infrastructure that makes these things work, and all the professional services that enable others to change the way they do business by way of all these new tools.

There are no clear boundaries of where these new tools start (or end), but there are areas of expertise that are strongest in the young companies that are making their mark in this world of “Enterprise 2.0”.  

And those are the areas where I help entrepreneurs.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, consider these two:


and …


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