thinking of selling? — play a game … (part 1 of 3)

Imagine a couple of senior people from your company standing at a conference room table.  On that table is a 2 ft by 3 ft piece of foam-core that’s been printed on.  There’s a small pile of cards that have shorthand descriptions of important issues facing your company.  There’re also some kind of spinners or dice for introducing random numbers.

picture-1How these cards ‘come to be’ is another topic, but for the purpose of the game, you and the handful of players stand at the table and determine WHICH of these cards are necessary (if not sufficient) to explain your company’s “Official Future,”  — the business environment that common sense tells you will emerge over the next 6 months, year, two years.

You’re then expected to scribble out a couple of descriptions of that future – short phrases.

Next step is digging a little deeper.  What are the strengths of your company in this ‘most likely’ of futures? What are its weaknesses, opportunities, etc?

You’re asked to give a name to this expected world, and finally, you’re asked to make some very clear descriptions of how your company will get from TODAY to THERE.

Ah…. but that’s only the beginning of the game.

And as to why you are spending an afternoon at this game?

Simply? It makes your company more valuable. It shows buyers that you have taken the time to plan for the future.  In this case – their future.

People who will buy your company are buying their own future – they’re buying an income stream for the next several years, they’re buying a new life.  The results of this game are a set of plans on how your company (and soon, theirs) will prosper in coming months and years.

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