procrastinating about doing ‘x?’

Look, up front, I’ve got to say I have a VERY low tolerance for management guru/personal-coaching fluff-speak.  Very low.

With that as background, a story.

When a potential client talks to me about his or her company,  about whether they should buckle down, make improvements, and wring out a few ounces more of profit in these tough times, OR, throw caution to the wind and see if *someone* feels like buying their company, I reply with a bunch of questions that are very un-guru-ish, and arguably not touchy-feely.

ONE of them is along the lines of “um … you’ve waited THIS long – until this economic crisis – to make a list of “gotta-do-s to keep this company going?”

And invariably, there’s a somewhat defensive shrug and a reply that SAYS “its been on my list” but really means they’ve been putting it off.

Putting it off isn’t a ‘Best Practice’ here.

Within the year, a lot of small companies simply won’t make it.  Others will by going into deep hibernation mode. Mid-market companies will shed employees and those lucky enough to be kept on will face the daunting task of doing even *more* work just to stay afloat. You, as a business owner, or as a potential business buyer, will have to make hard, unpleasant decisions. And you will procrastinate.

Nothing can make you *not* procrastinate but if you can better understand what’s -specifically- preventing you from tackling a new direction, you’ll be better prepared to act when you (finally) do.

The connection of  all this to my caution about guru-speak is that there’s “a guy,” David Allen, who really is a management/personal-effectiveness guru. But he manages to cut through the, uh, stuff, and give simple, sane, and productive tips.

Allen is pretty famous for his “GTD” approach to work (getting things done) but he’s equally respected for his low BS approach to helping companies (and individuals) who are wrestling with the realities of business.

I just discovered a podcast – David Allen being interviewed on Procrastination.

There’s an easy (too easy) joke in asking you to take 10 minutes to listen to the podcast, but, *whenever* you get ’round to it, I think you’ll find some of Allen’s comments useful.

Podcast :  Interview with GTD (Getting Things Done) David Allen on Procrastination

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