BREAKING NEWS: Business Brokerage comes to Second Life

There is a world that appears on no map you’ve ever seen. It is a world created entirely by software, a place with hills and valleys, town squares and soaring skyscrapers. A world of meeting places and entertainment venues. A world of social interaction. The world is called Second Life.

You can see a video describing a bit of this world at:

Second Life is a place where social interaction leads to business creation.

An hour ago, as I write this, over 70,000 people were in Second Life. In the last 7 days, 540,000 inhabitants have spent time in that world. In the last two weeks, that number is over 750,000.

In September 2008, the Second Life business economy had over $32M in cash transactions. In October, $33.7M. That’s almost one-and-a-quarter $million each day!

People start businesses and they watch them grow … or fail. Rarely do they sell their going concerns because there’s no easy mechanism for buying and selling SL businesses.

There is now.

My online avatar, named Flash Alcott, is creating a business brokerage office in Second Life. Since “Flash” and I share a *great* deal in common, potential buyers and sellers should know I/we have nearly 20 years advising companies.

Business Broker for Second Life

Flash Alcott: Business Broker for Second Life

That said … it would be playing fast and loose with the numbers to say that ‘we’ represent nearly 40 years of professional service. Still, as someone(s) with nearly two decades of online experience, this SL brokerage should find itself with a fairly impressive set of clients.

Come visit Flash — or drop him a note at

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