a handful of tips for keeping business healthy – in the current climate

There’s a blog I’ve been following, called Bizick.com — written by Scott Berkun — and an article seemed thoroughly appropriate as Main Street entrepreneurs contemplate the eternal stay-or-sell decision.  

Basic, sound advice :  looking at your immediately local customer base, polling them to find out what *they* need, knowing your financials, making efforts to lock in future customers…

It sounds like one of those endlessly tiresome bromides to say there _are_ opportunities in the current marketplace.  ‘truth is, in every downturn in our economic past, there have been people with innovative thinking that have done very well.  There’s no reason to believe you won’t be one of those success stories in The Great 2009 Recession.

Please take a look at How the financial crisis affects small business, at http://biznik.com/articles/how-the-financial-crisis-affects-small-business

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