reading for those of us shell-shocked by bad economic news

A friend of mine is a psychologist – his specialty is with something called “Critical Incident Intervention,”  … helping people in organizations deal with dramatic and emotionally difficult events:  mass layoffs, the sudden death of a colleague, and tragically, things like school shootings and employee rampages.  

So … we were talking yesterday about how the current economic situation is effecting people and he turned to me and said “You know Tom, in all my decades of practise, I’ve never seen so many people so anxious and depressed.”  I replied that I’d been hearing about people sort of frozen by their sense of a future that’s either thoroughly unpredictable or even more disturbing, gravely worse.

I ran across an article in SCORE, called “Resilience for the Small Business Owner” (by Russ Newman, the Director for Professional Practice at the American Psychological Association).  It’s a reminder of small actions we can all take to help us avoid a kind of paralysis that’s good for no-one — ourselves, our families, or our customers.

These are all simple things to do – like making connections and looking for opportunities for self discover.  ‘point is though, they’re all things that are painless.

My hunch is that the advice is sound.  It’s certainly timely.

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