so, how much is your business worth these days?

There are lots of ways to do valuation – from the rigourous  bring-in-the-accountants approach to the back-of-the-envelope scribbling based on revenue and a bit of Kentucky Windage.  And, predictably enough, a whole lot of free (or inexpensive) software tools to walk you through a process.

In this last group is the (free) valuation service provided by BizTrader. ( )  

4 clumps of data need to be entered:  contact info, P&L (revenue net income, owner’s compensation), Balance Sheets (assets, liabilities) and Qualitative Risk Assessment.  15 or 20 minutes work and you get back a report that gives you, at the very least, a solid estimate.  For less than a half hour of work, a pretty good deal!

    • Claire Nortel
    • August 15th, 2008

    Awesome. Thanks for posting this. My dad has been wondering how much his business is worth, so this will be useful. I checked out the rest of, and I like it. I’d like to run my own business one day and buying one would be easier (I imagine) than starting one from scratch. I’ll have to bookmark the site.

  1. Tom & Claire,

    Try the free business valuation tools at

    Let us know what you think.

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